Kate - Author, WriterWho I Am

Once upon a time, a construction-paper book titled Deaths of Horrible Opera Singers caused a stir in a small Midwestern elementary school. Writing this masterpiece was my initial foray into the world of words.

My first real taste for professional writing came when I was studying at the University of Iowa and took classes from instructors of the world-famous Writers’ Workshop.  My interest in writing evolved from melodramatic teenage poetry worthy of a Mortified show into a mature, vivid, and thoughtful approach capable of weaving hard information with the emotion that spurs readers to action.

I learned the rules of writing there and I now know when to purposefully break them as needed, and how to accept writing criticism gracefully.  I graduated with a bachelor of science in psychology, with honors, and went on to juggle an unusual career in psych research and the music industry.  Those two worlds allowed me to simultaneously explore writing for the creative arts, small business, and the academic social sciences.

I live near California’s Monterey Bay with this swell gent, two cats, and a fat and noisy goldfish. In my spare time, I lead a fiction-writing critique group in Santa Cruz, pretend like I know what I’m doing in yoga class, and explore California’s jaw-droppingly beautiful beaches, forests, and coastal communities.

For a fun break, check out my creative writing over at Splarks.com. because we can’t be serious professionals all the time, can we?